Ford Model E, so it will be called the new range of electric vehicles from the blue oval


The Ford Model E will become the new standard of electric mobility for the u.s. firm

The signature blue oval is preparing a major offensive of ecological models with a total of 13 vehicles electrified by 2020. Within this program you will have the utmost importance to the new Ford Model E, a nomenclature common to a range of cars with different degrees of electrification that will be the most ecological within the Ford dealers.

Different bodywork and mechanical

Imagine the Ford Model t as a mixture between the range i BMW Hyundai Ioniq in terms of vehicle concept is concerned. Model E will be the nomenclature that will be vehicles from different car bodies and forms of electrification united by a specific design and its commitment to the environment.

By the time the information that come to us speak of two models, one of them a compact SUV, in both cases likely to receive mechanical, electrical, hybrid and hybrid plug-in. Ford already showed their interest to stand up to the vehicles more accessible to Tesla, the Model 3 and its SUV derivative, the Chevrolet Bolt, and the next Nissan Leaf, among others.


This mule, with an appearance of the Focus today hides the platform for the next generation

new Ford Model E will be based on the platform of the next generation of the Focus, which we have already seen in our spy pictures, and the C-MAX. Its production will take place in the plant of the blue oval in Mexico from 2019 for the american market.

The name that I wanted to Elon Musk for his new saloon

The first figures that sound talk about a maximum autonomy for the electric models of some 200 miles, 320 km. We assume that this new range called the Model E will move to the current electric vehicles based on existing models to make them identity and space own within the brand.

By the way… don’t you sounds like something the name Model E? In effect, Elon Musk wanted his saloon below the Model S was called Model E, but it turned out that Ford had already registered this name from 2013. That’s why Tesla had to rename its new saloon Model 3, while now is when Ford shows that you are moving the threads to use that nomenclature.