Ford Mondeo 2017, the renewal that comes from the Salon of Detroit

Slight cosmetic changes, they all improve the overall appearance of the Mondeo

Was part of the list of what’s new at the Detroit motor show 2016, and finally the Ford Mondeo 2017 has made it official. Although his presentation may have been under the name of Fusion (trade name in USA.UU), the truth is that the european version will receive the same changes and the same range of mechanical, but by the time it will take a few months to arrive.

first of all is that Ford has renovated aesthetically to the Mondeo/Fusion. What we were saying and just a few days ago it became apparent in the spy photos showing completely uncovered. style Changes throughout the body although it does not change the overall appearance of the car itself that improves the current.

On the front we see a bumper entirely new, adapted to the new front grille, more narrow and slender than the current. These changes give the feeling of make Ford Mondeo more slim and tapered at its front part. Complete the area with the integration of new headlights, which from now on will benefit from LED technology.

The Mondeo will continue to be one of the sedans that are more stylized on the market

The side remains the same, just change the design of some sets of tires. In the rear we also observed changes are smaller than in the front but more eye-catching. The main of them is the barra chrome that connects both rear lights (also with LED technology). We must add to this a bumper refurbished with exhaust outlets new.

Of doors for inside the changes are less obvious. Ford has focused more on improving the performance of their systems that offer a completely new look. it is Worth noting the arrival of the infotainment system SYNC3. The last generation that will allow for better connectivity between the car and our motives, becoming also more intuitive and easier to manage.

we should Also mention the implementation of the most modern safety systems, such as the warning of the lane change, the indicator in the dead angle, the system, assisted parking, and the detector of pedestrians. This last is absolute novelty, and it is achieved thanks to a team of cameras installed on the windshield of the car.

The interior will feature more technology, although the presentation of the elements is the same

finally, we should mention the mechanic theme. Although the Mondeo does not change at all in terms of platform, Ford if you have wanted to improve the performance of their engines. They will continue to be present the versions diesel and gasoline, in addition to the hybrid variant that has been revised to improve their behaviour and autonomy. The latter will continue to produced in Spain.

The real novelty in this field arrives with the alternative Sport. It will come with a new gasoline engine EcoBoost V6, the 2.7-liter capable of generating 325 horsepower. This version does not only come accompanied by that extra power, but it will also improve the set of the suspension to cope with a behavior more dynamic.

The all-new Ford Mondeo will be first launched in the american market. His arrival in the old continent is not expected until next year. This one, although for the time being has not been left to see, there will be to add the variant most refined of all the Ford Mondeo Vignale, which once more will have that extra quality.

The bar chrome is the great novelty of the rear. These exhaust pipes make reference to the alternative Sport