Ford Motor is going for its second generation of autonomous cars

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driving autonomous is gaining little ground in the departments of research and innovation of the brands of cars. Today there are many who are working, or want to get, to develop its own technology driving autonomous. Others, such as FCA or Honda, put in the hands of expert companies in the development of their future cars without a driver.

One of the brands that advance carries your work is Ford Engine Company as he has already successfully completed the first phase of testing of its autonomous cars, and now goes to the second stage. I must say, that Ford also has collaborated with BlackBerry and Uber through the assignment of multiple units of its Fusion (our Mondeo) to implement their technology. However, unlike other brands the Ford engineers are researching and developing the technology of the brand.

In the video that we have at the top, published by the firm of the blue oval, we can see how is the manufacturing process of the Ford Fusion equipped with technology autonomous second-generation. These vehicles incorporate the latest technology developed by the brand but this time instead of seem like an added on the car of bad taste, is composed of a more elegant and discreet.

In the images we can see how they are transformed by several units of the Fusion of street to visit the set of sensors and vision cameras (LIDAR) mounted on the autonomous car. In addition, we can see in detail how they placed the different elements that make this car run without driver. With all of this the u.s. firm expects to their first autonomous cars may be circulating through the streets of half the world between the years 2020 and 2021.

Will have to see if they are able to fulfil their promise.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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