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At this point we all know that Donald Trump will be the next occupant of the White House. The american political throughout his career towards the presidency of the united States has said it all, but one of the companies homelands with whom the more has gotten is Ford Motor Company. The car manufacturer american has been harshly criticized by the tycoon by the business you have in Mexico, a country that is not to the liking of Trump.

Between the united States and Mexico there is a Free Trade agreement that allows companies from one side and another to perform commercial transactions on advantageous terms. The sector of the american car is one of the that more is benefiting from this agreement, as it many brands have production centres in the aztec country and thanks to that it can manufacture its cars with lower costs.

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That these costs are lower allows manufacturers greater cost-effectiveness for each unit sold to the pair that fit best to the demands of the market because the fluctuations between currencies are easier to compensate with the manufacturing in Mexico. However Donald Trump continues in its thirteen and seems that make you change of opinion is going to be more complicated.

For this reason Ford Engine Company is going to establish a channel of dialogue with the executive of the new presidiente of the united States. According to Mark Fields, the company’s director general, has confirmed that they are willing to work with the government of Trump to keep the greatest possible number of jobs in the united States, provided that you agree to carry out policies appropriate to all parties.

To end, and although it is open the lines of communication, Ford is not going to cancel the plans that you have in Mexico. Among these plans is the construction of a new factory in the state of San Luis Potosí that will create 2,800 jobs by the year 2020. In addition, it is already confirmed that part of the production of the Ford Focus will move to one of the factories that the group has in the country and will not be cancelled this decision.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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