Ford Motor will not change their plans in Mexico by Donald Trump

Ford EcoSport 2018Donald Trump has not yet been installed in the oval office of the White House and the world economy is already weakened. This lord he has warned to severely punish the manufacturers courts that have interests in third countries and more if it is in Mexico. Today, all the american manufacturers have production plants installed on mexican soil, and, frankly, is going very well.

One of the manufacturers that has been attacked strongly by Trump has been Ford. The reason for these attacks is based on the increasing their investments in Mexico. The Group Ford Motor Company is going to move where the production of several of its models, as the Focus, to increase the productive capacity of the plants that you have in the united States, and so make more SUV’s and pick ups. However, this type of decisions is not liking much the president-elect of the country of Uncle Sam.

Ford 50th Anniversary Le MansOne of the dissuasive measures that it will take Trump to prevent your manufacturers go to third countries will be the collection of a 35 percent tariff to imports of products manufactured outside of its borders. This action, which a priori seems to protect the economy of the country, would that automatically the prices of the vehicles that are sold in the united States is increasing, making the demand at risk of collapse.

According to Mark Fields, Group CEO, Ford Motor Company, despite the attacks received by Trump are not going to change for now the plans they have designed for Mexico for the intentions of Trump. The reason given from the signature blue oval is very simple as these tariffs will not only affect her as a manufacturer, but all of the brands that manufacture on mexican soil, and then exported to the united States.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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