Ford moved production of the EcoSport to europe, Romania

Ford EcoSport europeo

the european version of The Ford EcoSport will be manufactured in Romania.

Ford has announced that it moved production of the european version of the Ford EcoSport. In particular, this compact SUV will be manufactured at the plant that Ford has in the city of Craiova, in Romania. To date, this model is manufactured by the company of the blue oval in your factory Chennai, India. The units there are produced are intended both to supply the local demand of the indian market as to the old continent.

The truth is that this is a change important enough to the study carried out by Ford. And that is, to be able to move production of the Ford EcoSport to Romania, the company has had to make an investment of 200 million euro to adapt their facilities of Craiova the EcoSport. The production in the territory of the european Ford EcoSport will start from the autumn of next year, 2017.

The Ford EcoSport european will be manufactured in Romania

will Share the assembly line with the Ford B-MAX. In addition, in the Ford factory also produces the engine 1.0-liter EcoBoost. In addition, the change of localization of the production will be accompanied by a slight update of the compact SUV. A face wash to provide a product that is more fresh and renewed. Ford ensures that it will help to increase your sales and attract new customers.

Ford EcoSport europeo

To date, the Ford EcoSport european was manufactured in India.

And is that during the past 2015, according to data from JATO Dynamics, Ford sold in Europe a total of 39.846 units of the EcoSport. So far in 2016, the u.s. company notes that it has increased the sales of this model in a 30%, although it has not given more details.

as seen, one of the main reasons that would have led to Ford taking this decision is that, because the enrollment of the B-MAX are falling, in the factory in Romania can cope with a greater volume of production, so that in a certain way, is unused manufacturing capacity of these facilities. In addition, it is possible that Ford gives new models to its factory in Romania in the coming months.