Ford Mustang 1965 'Vicious' of Timeless Kustoms, 1,000 horses for the SEMA 2016


Raw and wild.

If there is something that characterizes the EMS is to gather the preparations more wild and worked under the same roof. For a few days in Las Vegas, meet the most renowned specialists of the segment, in addition to the own initiatives of the brands. These are the days in which it is given to know the creatures more impressive, with aesthetics and figures overwhelming, although there is always some work that stands out above the others. As is the case of the Ford Mustang 1965 ‘Vicious’ of Timeless Kustoms.

Your presentation is simple, the workshop american has revealed a beautiful Mustang restomod, with a estudiadísimo work boost reaches 1,000 horses.

Although this would be a very simplistic and unfair to describe it, because this Mustang is ‘Vicious’ is a work of art on wheels. This is one of the last works of the recent current retro-futurist that each time you adhere to most builders or workshops custom. Evolution of the aesthetic restomod, this new stream radicalizes the preparation with numerous details and items created ex profeso for each work, instead of using pieces from the usual catalogs OEM and aftermarket.


All of the interior is of red color.

As you can see in our gallery attached, ‘Vicious’ has little to do with the transformations to which we are accustomed. While the exterior has a image very minimalist, obtained basis respecting the original lines of its bodywork, to which are added a multitude of elements of the aerodynamic and own characteristics of the world of the competition, in the interior we find a composition deliberately artistic, entirely in red, which is so very raw and bare simplifies the elements to the maximum, combining pieces of high technology and performance with the original elements.

a Multitude of parts have been replaced by other new bill, as the own hinges of the bonnet, now with a very technical and modern, or the steering column, more like a model competition.

The aesthetic result is simply beastly, very crude, and technological, but not losing the flavour ‘oldies’ that distills the body of a Mustang fastback donor.


Even the frame is new.

The technical section is very complete, with the cutting of the original ceiling, the addition of a new chassis and suspension elements Corvette, as well as brake discs carbonocerámicos. The mechanics is another work of goldsmiths, with the implementation of a V8 small block 5.1 liters, from the catalog, Ford Performance, thanks to an intense work of supercharger, which includes a supercharger, in combination with two turbochargers, reaches the spectacular figure of 1.000 hp.

technical value and aesthetic is undoubtedly, and this is sure to end up as
one-off in any particular collection, following an agreement that
will include many zeros.