Ford Mustang 2018 is filtered out in this video

The next-generation Ford Mustang is expected to arrive at the end of the decade, and that includes a hybrid variant. But before that we’ll have a small face wash which will come shortly. This is the Ford Mustang 2018 and today what we have been able to see for the first time thanks to a leak. We arrives in the form of video, where we see the new model in motion and we can appreciate some changes in its design.

don’t we can expect making radical changes, so this is a slight renewal. Where more note is in the front, as it introduces a new bumper, redesigned. The grill is similar, but opens air intakes and splitter. Another of the elements that are changed are headlights, which are now narrower, and that have below a thin optical secondary. In the hood there will also be air intakes different.

If in the front were some significant changes, in the behind is going to cost us more to find the differences. It will highlight on all the new rear spoiler and the drivers also redesigned. Keep the schema of three vertical bars, but now they seem more narrow and stylized. The interior unfortunately we do not have images, so for the moment we cannot comment on this area.

have Not been revealed many more details of the Ford Mustang 2018. You are expected to arrive with the motor 2.3 EcoBoost four-cylinder and the powerful V8 5.0-liter. One of the novelties of this restyling is that they will no longer use the V6 3.7-liter as I mentioned a while ago. Also you could enter the new automatic gearbox 10 speed which already carries the new Chevrolet Camaro. In any case we will have to wait to the information and official pictures to know it more thoroughly.

Source – Mustang6G

Ford Mustang 2018 filtrado
Ford Mustang 2018 filtrado
Ford Mustang 2018 filtrado