Ford Mustang Fastback SPLITR, trainer by Ringbrothers

ford-mustang-fastback (3) SEMA closes its doors shortly, but you still have something more to leave us. Like all editions, the latter of 2015 has been full of designs with a hand more daring and thug than usual and, of course, tuning in torrents in each stand. Among many samples there has been a gap for the yesterday that has been starred, among others, the Chevrolet Camaro RS of the 70 or this that today we present, the Ford Mustang Fastback SPLITR prepared by Ringbrothers. We’re going to know him a little more.

The body of this Mustang 65 becomes more muscular thanks to the modifications suffered by this preparer. Account with a bumper new invoice, fins with more muscle and tires with a lot of nostalgic flavor, 18-inch in the front and 19 in the rear. The body is well adorned by a red BASF one ending to be brilliant and combines with a traditional black stripes with a white interior which run through the whole from the roof to the front leaving behind the above-mentioned white tone.

ford-mustang-fastback (4)the passenger compartment has been modified in a substantial to pass by way of the introduction of sports seats Recaro or instrumentation classical. In the same way several auctions have been completed with accessories that are reminiscent of those sixties but updated to our time with a strong red that predominates in all this space.

In terms of the heart of this Ford Mustang Fastback SPLITR trainer by Ringbrothers we must point out that it is a engine Ford Racing 427 7.0-liter of cubicaje. This mechanic has been retouched and includes a fuel injection system MSD Atomic. Finally this engine is well governed by a six-speed manual transmission that in the same way us the stench of that last decade.

Source – Ringbrothers

ford-mustang-fastback (3)
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