Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 2017, starts the development of the pony most powerful ever made


For the first time, we can see the future super-pony Ford

Ford has given the nail on the head with the new generation of the Mustang. Not only is garnering good reviews, but also their figures for worldwide sales not made, but grow. We have already seen how several models came out to the light, but none of them will be as the Ford Mustang GT500 2017 that we see today for the first time.

The name GT500 is the best example of sportsmanship in the family of the pony. Is the unit factory more powerful and radical than is conceived. And on this occasion, Ford wants to put the things very difficult to preparers. And not only what we say, for the aesthetic that is already looming spectacular under those cloaks.

The front is completely modified, with a nose new, air intakes larger, hood, renovated, steps from wheel wider… Everything changes from the aesthetic point of view in the Ford Mustang. The same goes with the rear, which is equally threatening to the front. On this occasion adds a spoiler fixed and four exhaust outlets.


The test unit was camouflaged with a lot of modifications in your body

But we abandon the field of design, which still are still many things to discover, and let’s get to what’s really important. Models currently the most powerful of the Ford Mustang are the GT350 and GT350R. Both are equipped with the same block V8, however in the case of R the maximum power is 500 BHP.

The GT500 has the obligation to exceed that figure. How much? Thus for the moment is an unknown. However the own spy photos we can assert to get a better idea. In one of them is observed as the test unit was wearing a sticker that says TT-0081.

That same denomination has been seen in other prototypes of the signature, such as the Ford Raptor SVT that uses a block V8 twin turbo. To carry this engine under the hood, the radicalism of the Mustang could take dyes epic. In such a way that it begins to encrypt the ultimate power in the 750-800 horses. Absolute madness that we will know little by little as they progress in their development. Until next year you will not see the light.


In terms of power, the Mustang GT500 could match or even surpass the members Hellcat Dodge