Ford now lets you print your cars at home with 3D technology


Ford allows purchase and download through its website files needed for print their 3D models technology.


3D printed model of the Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang from the Ford 3D Store. N or are doubts that Ford has always had innovative ideas . From what happened over 100 years ago when it was transformed into the first automaker to use a assembly line to print in three dimensions of their vehicles, announced this week.

3D printing models Ford came home officially.

Ford thus becomes one of the first manufacturers to allow their customers to download the files needed to print with 3D any of its models.

is assumed that in this way, clients can produce scale models to any size, which played to perfection and so completely faithful to the original .

From website Ford can be purchased and downloaded files of various models of the current range of the brand, among which are even the Ford GT or Shelby GT350R .

It is unlikely that Ford can print a full-scale home , but anyway Ford expects sales of 3D desktop printers exceed one million units in 2018, so perhaps in a few years the idea is not as far fetched . Ford stated that they use this technology every day to produce parts and prototypes with great speed and believe that now is the time to share that technology with the public.





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