Ford opens the application process of the tf, it will not be easy to get with him

Ford GT conceptThe mark of the oval has open the application process of the new Ford GT. To be done with the precious sports will not suffice to have a more than comfortable current account, will also be eligible to be an owner of the same model. In the same way the company already has a configurator where we can put our taste to the Ford GT, although most can’t do in front of the purchase. The final price is around $ 400,000, about 350,000 euros which is not included the transport.

In the first place, to be able to enter the selection you’ll need to live in Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Netherlands, China, the Philippines, Saudi arabia, united Arab Emirates, Canada, united States, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy or Macau. If your residence is not located in these countries you will not be able to climb the first rung of this ladder that takes you to the Ford GT.

Ford GT conceptThen you will need to fill out a questionnaire about yourself. The questions can be of all kinds: do you Use social networks in the usual way? Have you been or are you a owner of a Ford GT, or any model of the brand? Do you like car racing? Or they can even ask you if you work in a company that has Ford cars on your fleet of vehicles. And this questionnaire will not be all. To finish we need you to send a one minute video of duration in which you explain the reasons why you want to buy a Ford GT.

As it seems the brand would be doing this to avoid the speculation. Yes, to buy cars and then sell them for a higher price. The company wants who drives your Ford GT what want of truth, that meets the brand values and to use your precious jewel to enjoy the pleasure of driving, not as an investment in the medium or long term.

Source: WorldCarFans