Ford patents a unicycle that uses a wheel of your car


Ford aims to turn one of the wheels of your vehicle on a unicycle electric

the united States just accept a patent Ford that presents an innovative solution to the urban mobility. One of the wheels of your vehicle can become a unicycle electric for those who work in an urban area with heavy traffic congestion. The patent is presented in a Focus but would be applicable to almost any Ford that you can mount that wheel.

According to the patent, the wheel would be disengaged from the suspension system of the vehicle with a cat-that-incorporates, leaving the car supported on this side with a “taco” that is also part of the system. To the wheel, which comes equipped with a electric motor, a stability control and batteries, all built-in, picks up a saddle and a handlebar at the top for your use.

The idea of Ford to solve the traffic problems of the big cities and their high level of pollution. The system proposes that aparquemos the vehicle in an area relatively close to our workplace where it is easy to park, and once there we set up our unicycle to go on it to the workplace.

The system in theory is a great idea, but to the practice presents several difficulties. We created doubts about how easy it would be to disassemble the wheel completely of the vehicle, our Ford is perfectly stable while it is parked when you have three wheels and of course up to what point we can get dirty in the process of mounting and dismounting all, the work needs to get pristine.

To this is added more unknowns as the price of the above-mentioned wheel with all the integrated elements, the attraction that exert on the friends of the stranger and the imbalance of wear between the wheels on the same axis as that may present medium-term.

The system can still present some improve but the idea is good. An idea which does not need to be carried out ever since many of these patents do not spend beyond your registry.