Ford Performance offers kits of empowerment for the Mustang V8 and 4L

The Ford Mustang is a myth on wheels in its current generation has landed in markets where before I always dreamed of having one. The successful sports can now opt for the installation of a kit potentiation offered by the division of the sport oval Ford Performance. Both the four-cylinder engine 2.3-litre EcoBoost as the top of range V8 5.0-liter choose to install one of these kits that improve the overall performance of the engine.


Up to 340 HP for the EcoBoost and 455 HP for the V8

For a sport of this kind a four-cylinder engine may seem like a sacrilege but the Mustang 2.3-liter Ecoboost 314 HP offers some benefits more than defensible on the coupe for those that want the sports but who are looking for more fuel efficiency for use during the day-to-day. Ford Performance offers a kit of empowerment that raises your maximum power by 25 HP, which is not wrong but it is the form of delivery of the power and the considerable increase of the maximum torque which makes this kit so interesting.

After passing through the hands of Ford Performance, the Mustang EcoBoost raises his power up to the 340 HP and its maximum torque until the 529 Nm (+95 Nm). But as we have mentioned before is not as important as the profits of maximum power and the delivery of the same. Between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm the four-cylinder engine delivers 40 BHP extra at the rear wheels, while that from the 5,500 laps until the red line, the improvement translates in the +76 HP and +86,8 Nm. As you can see an important increased its performance throughout the range of operation of the engine.


Kits of empowerment officer for the Ford Mustang global

For the Ford Mustang GT, that is to say the versions provided the vast block V8 5.0 liter 418 CV stock, Ford Performance offers three levels of empowerment to be chosen by the customer depending on the modifications it is willing to accept, and the power gain that you want. For the initial level only upgraded the air filter and reprogramming of the ECU to get +13 HP (431 HP) and +21,7 Nm of torque for just $ 599. A modest update both price and improvements.

The 5.0-liter V8 extends the red line to 7,500 rpm

The average level of activity on the part of the division of high performance includes the replacement of some parts such as the air intake adapter and the admission of the Ford Mustang GT350 to increase its power by +21 CV (439 HP) and +32,5 Nm of maximum torque for 949 dollars. The third stage extends the red line revs of the V8 american up to the incredible 7.500 rpm and increases their maximum power at + 37 HP (455 HP) and +7 Nm torque for nothing less than 2.395 $ .


More performance and performance to the coupé in all its versions without void the factory warranty

All of these modifications are already available on the website of Ford Performance, and since this is a kit building official benefits of do not void the factory warranty in order not to have problems with the manufacturer or relevant approvals. As expected, all the kits are compatible for both versions, manual and automatic of these sports.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

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314-418 CV
179 g/km
4.784 mm
39.500 €