Ford plans new crossovers based on their current models

Ford plans to enrich its family of SUVS and crossovers in a four-year term. By 2020 they will have 4 new SUVs and new crossovers for those customers on a budget but adjusted.

Ford-Focus-TurnierHace a few weeks you, we told you that Ford was planning to launch new SUVs, to carry its line-up of models within this segment to reach a total of 10 different models by 2020, which will complement the current Ecosport, Kuga, Edge, Flex, Explorer and Expedition.

But in addition to that, the brand is planning an offensive even greater in the segments with greater demand from the public current, so that not only will the new SUV, but in addition the offer of crossovers is extended with the arrival of new products, which will seek to satisfy another segment of potential customers.

according to the own words of Barb Samardzich, vice-president of Ford in Europe, the brand considers a potential growth in vehicles that is out of the ordinary, without being SUVs, they convey a similar lifestyle. Samardzich ensures that, thanks to some molding plastic in specific areas and rails on the roof, it is possible to obtain a most attractive aspect to many customers.

that means you are on the path versions of style campero inspiration offroad of several of the current models of Ford, something like the Cross Country Volvo or the Alltrack and Allroad VAG. It is hoped that these models have in addition to suspensions on-high and an exterior of rugged aspect, where no shortage of the above-mentioned moldings, plastic, in addition to bumper-specific and in some models point to four wheel drive.

this way Ford will expand its catalog of products available inside of this style of vehicles, in which no shortage of robust versions of the new Feast or Focus, among others.

Ford announces a range of 10 SUV by 2020