Ford poses cuts in their range of vehicles and its staff of employees

ford-b-maxThe european subsidiary Ford seeks to be more competitive. Between 2012 and 2014 had millions of dollars in losses, and although in 2015 had a profit margin of 0.9%, among the objectives of the brand is to achieve the 6% return in 2016 and 8% later. For this, the firm plans to carry out a series of restructurings that will affect both its range of cars as their employees.

on the one hand, Ford will focus only on its models of higher demand, discarding those cars that have passed through the market without penalty or glory. The SUV’s are the bet the stronger of the blue oval, while is not difficult to imagine that the B-Max will be one of those affected by this decision. Ford will continue to search for solutions to plant Romanian in Craiova in the building of the minivan.

Ford Edge

The SUV’s are one of the strong draws of the brand

The first effective measures will take the form of layoffs. The brand aims to to reduce its administrative staff, for which it is offering incentives to workers who wish to avail of this measure on a voluntary basis. It is unknown how many people try to reduce templates, but we would be talking of hundreds of workers at the european level.

Another of the points at which it is expected to cut spending is in the production, where the objective is a saving of 7%. They will seek a greater efficiency in the production of cars with more automation, time-saving, and operators. In the logistics Ford also sees a significant capacity improvement. The workers, in a certain way, will also be affected by these measures, as the company is in talks with various unions. The outsourcing service is another ingredient in the plan of Ford.

Of face-to-2016 Ford has also confirmed that will not be present in one of the lounges of the most important car of the european scene, as is the Paris. The brand does not have any product that fits those dates for filing and the cost of going to a salon amounted to several million euros. Increasingly, Ford bet with some vehicles outside of auto shows, framing them in large-scale events like the CES in Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Source – Automotive News