Ford prepares its factory in Saarlouis for the next generation of the Focus

Prueba Ford Focus ST

current generation of the Ford Focus has been with us more than half a decade. We already know that the american household is finalizing the details of which will be the fourth generation of the model, and as is logical, are also closing the location where you are going to make. This model is very important for the signature blue oval because, next to the Fiesta and F-Series are the most sold of its catalog at a global level.

As has been reported sources of Ford the German factory in Saarlouis will receive a cash injection of 600 million euros to adapt it to the arrival of this new generation. With them “seek an improvement in the cost efficiency and productivity in Saarlouis” because they have to improve their productivity and efficiency on the basis of the agreement signed with trade unions and works council of the plant. In addition, this investment goes in parallel with the which will be held in the ground of Cologne, (Germany) and that will be the one that will be joining the Party in the exclusive world.

Prueba Ford Focus ST

main budget items that make up this investment iran aimed at improving aspects such as: equipment manufacturing generation, improvement of the energy supply or reinforcement of the logistics chain. In addition, as an aid to energy efficiency will be a priority the use of clean energy sources that reduce its energy consumption and footprint of the environment.

The objective pursued by the Ford Motor Company with this investment is reduce CO2 emissions by 20 per cent. To finish, Jim Farley, president and ceo of Ford Motor in Europe, Middle East and Africa stated that the commitment of the brand is very strong with Germany and Europe. The reason they gave is that Germany is a strategic place for them as they have more than 25 thousand employees and have several production centers in which in addition to manufacturing cars also manufacture engines.

Another of the reasons that added to justify the importance of the investment of Ford in Saalouis is that have an important centre of design and engineering. He designed and developed models that are intended for all markets in the world. To finish mentioned to the Research and Innovation Center of Ford in Aachen that is focused exclusively on the search for technologies that can improve the future.

Source – Ford Motor

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