Ford presents a Focus RS even more radical are New RS500?


The Ford Focus RS will feature a version even more radical

Ford thinks a Focus RS even more radical. The division Ford Performance has declared his interest in a Focus even faster than the RS, possibly in the format of a special edition. We assume that something similar happened in the current generation in which along with the RS 305 HP had a Ford Focus RS500 350 HP, limited to 500 numbered copies.

what A new Ford Focus RS500?

apparently this special edition is characterised put an important weight reduction and improvements in the transmission as key points. How far you can squeeze the 2.3 Ecoboost? The source indicates that further leverage the four-cylinder is complicated in the compact due to the lack of space for the additional cooling.

In its place will be modified other features. We will find a differential with electronically controlled limited-slip in the front axle and a automatic transmission dual-clutch.


This is the look of the Ford Focus RS500 is based on the previous generation

Their features and selling price would rise to fight in a higher category, where we find other sports compact all-wheel drive as the Mercedes Class A 45 AMG or the Audi RS3. In fact it would reduce the time needed to reach the 100 km/h from a standing start, from the current 4.7-second until get close to the 4.2 or 4.3 seconds respective need of the germans.

For lightening of weight is spoken of glazing polycarbonate, plastic reinforced with carbon fiber in your body, suspension, aluminum, less insulation of the engine and even a cabin stripped of certain parts. As we have said, it would be a version greatly radical.

In the previous generation, the Focus RS500 possessed exclusively a appearance frightening thanks to the paint matte black, achieved through a black paint conventional and a coating rough on it provided by 3M, and the wheels dark. Of the 500 units for the whole world, 20 came to Spain. Previously there was another Ford with these acronyms, the Sierra RS500 Cossworth.