Ford presents the first portable wind tunnel of the world (video)

When one imagines a wind tunnel probably is thinking about an immense tunnel, with great turbines, able to simulate the air impact against a vehicle being circulated to 100 km/h, 200 km/h, or even 300 km/h. To the majority, it is probable that the wind tunnels sound us by Formula 1, by the work that is made to perfect the aerodynamics of a single-seater. But these elements, that are included in infrastructures of great size, are also crucial to develop an automobile, like a Ford Focus or a Ford Celebration. Wind tunnels exist in which the aerodynamics of an automobile can be put on approval, but also to put under it extreme temperatures, and even climatologic conditions which they go much more there than an automobile it will suffer in normal conditions, and even aeroac├║sticos wind tunnels, focused in the reduction of aerodynamic sounds that penetrate in the cockpit. And it is this last portable wind tunnel that has created Ford, first of the world.

The portable wind tunnel of Ford not only is economic but it can settle in some hours to the doors of any factory of the brand.

Why a portable wind tunnel? The great problem of the wind tunnels is in the fact that they are expensive infrastructures, and of great size. For a brand it does not turn out profitable to have an enormous number of wind tunnels distributed by everybody, more than the presents in his technical centers and of development.

But Ford was with that for them it would suppose a lightening to have a present wind tunnel near those vehicles, pre-production units, that are made in the beginning of the production process. Of this form, their engineers could solve any problem in the sound insulation and the aerodynamics of their cars immediately, in a very early stage of the life of an automobile, before even of their launching.

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This portable wind tunnel is sufficient for its assignment, and costs a mini part of the cost of a normal and current wind tunnel, that it can ascend to tens of millions of Euros.

If Mahoma does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mahoma. Like in this so pure-blooded proverb, Ford decided to create a portable wind tunnel, that can be transported in a trailer and mount and dismount in some hours. The great importance of this wind tunnel is in which Ford no longer only has wind tunnels in its centers of development, like the one of Dearborn, but now it can have a wind tunnel installed in some hours to the doors of anyone of his factory, so that it is possible to be continued perfecting the aerodynamics and the sound insulation of his cars shortly after which these have been made.

According to Ford, it is the first portable aeroac├║stico wind tunnel of the world. Ford assures that with their system of 500 electrical motors of CB winds of up to 80 can take place mph, about 129 km/h. That is to say, this wind tunnel can simulate speeds similar to which will be reached, at the most, within the legal limits of the highways of most of the world. Which is than sufficient more for the objective which they have been marked.

Besides the simulation of the wind, these tunnels are accompanied by all the instruments by sensors and systems by noise analysis with which Ford tries to improve the comfort of its cars.

Source: Ford
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