Ford Ranger Raptor: hunted the new version off road radical of the pick-up global


the first images from The course Ranger Raptor.

On several occasions I have shown the test units of the new version with the specifications USED Ford Ranger 2019, the pick-up, Ford’s global which coincidentally is not being marketed in the united States, and that lands in the end on that side of the Atlantic. But these images show us an evolution until now unpublished of this project and that by their forms all listed as the future Ranger Raptor, the more extreme version of the range Ranger in the image and likeness of the brutal F-150 Raptor.

The Ford Ranger is product division australian Ford, hence the unit of the images have steering wheel to the right, but that does not mean that you do not have as target the north american market. In fact, a possible version off-road more radical would have as main destinations in north America and Australia.

Sites where, precisely, have been sighted these animals, which show clear differences in both the bodywork and on the chassis with respect to the prototypes seen above. In the front we can see new elements, such as a grille of greater size, and without the lamas common, in addition to a bumper more massive, with great and obvious air inlets in the lower zone. On the side we can see a few steps of wheels more bulky, despite the fact that the brand has taken a lot of trouble to try to disguise new forms in that area.


The differences with respect to the Ranger standard are evident.

In terms of the frame, we can clearly see how the copy has a suspension higher, with wide tires marked relief, and therefore, orientation off-road. Some media claim that is it could be a mule designed to test the new suspension system.

¿it Would make sense to a version of this type?, we in Europe cannot, of course, and probably not the one we will come to see, but in Australia and throughout the united States yes I would have it and much, because not only potential customers, but that would be the most appropriate response to the Chevrolet Colorado zr2 tremolo and Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro, which for the moment are the only alternatives to this niche as a specialized segment of pick ups means, who will join in brief the new version of open box of the Jeep Wrangler.

on A technical level, the new Ranger Raptor (if it takes that appellation) would employ the same platform T6 developed by Ford Australia, although it is not clear what mechanics would fit under in the vain front. Some american media have already pointed out as a possible candidate to run the V6 2.7-liter EcoBoost supercharged that we can find in other models in the signature blue oval (including the F-150), and that delivers up to 340 HP (335 hp). Although there is also the possibility of a mechanical diesel 4 cylinders in response to the version Colorado zr2 tremolo diesel of 2.8 liters. In any case, it is likely that the transmission is the new automatic transmission 9 relationships developed jointly by Ford and General Motors.