Ford records a driving system of the autonomous off-road

The race for creating the best driving system autonomous is already in place. Virtually all manufacturers are developing the technology that they need their cars so they can move around without needing the intervention of your steering wheel, a driver human. Ford Motor Company is one of the firms most active in this race, because he has a fleet Fusion (our Mondeo) along the roads of the united States to validate its technology.

however, the signature blue oval don’t want to limit your technology to the big cities and open routes to the urban traffic. Ford wants its autonomous cars also conquer the field and it has been working on a system of self driving valid for these situations. According to press release, the american brand, this system of self-control is based on cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, and height as is to be expected technology LIDAR.

technology LIDAR, among other elements, is composed by radars of light that combine topographic maps in three dimensions, rain sensors and recognition in real time of the conditions in which they find the path or road by which it circulates the vehicle. Thanks to this arsenal of technology, the Ford F150 Raptor (model used to develop the system of self driving) evaluate the path by circulating and decide if you can save the obstacle or on the contrary, if you can’t deal with it.

All of these decisions can be taken with passengers on board. In addition, to minimize the impact that may occur to, control systems such as the suspension, the differential locking of the awd or even the position and torque that is received by each wheel. Despite its complexity, Ford has reported that this driving system autonomous will be available not only for their all-terrain and great pick up, because they want to make it extensible also for taxis, buses and even caravans.

For now it is unknown at what stage of development is this system and how much will it take to get to the models of the brand. This driving system autonomous field makes us remember that Jaguar and Land Rover are also working on something similar. Will have to see which route it takes each group and if finally released to the market, which of the two is more accomplished.

Source – Ford

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