Ford refuses to enter Formula 1 because of its high cost


Ford Motor Company, which is present in various competitions such as endurance, NASCAR, Rallycross, does not arise at all enter into the Formula 1. The great success of the Ford GT in the resistance or the success of the Ford Fiesta in the Rally Monte carlo this year (discipline in which it competes through M-Sport) meet the expectations of the leaders of Ford, which had a very unpleasant experience through Jaguar between 2000 and 2004.

Formula 1 bet recently by the thrusters hybrids to attract large companies of the automotive industry, that were interested in promoting their progress in this growing market, but since then only Honda has added to the challenge in his day accepted by Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.

In statements to Motorsport, the Director of the division of sports Ford, Dave Pericak, is incident on the high costs that the Formula 1 calls and says the brand does not have any interest in trying your luck in the same. “we’re Not interested. We do not see engaging in the short term, the Formula 1 is too expensive. We are in the categories that are most relevant to the objectives that we have, both in the development of tools such as technology to be able to enter it in the cars series. Each category in which we are, has that characteristic”, concluded Pericak.