Ford renews its ancient Expedition reducing weight and including more technology

Ford Expedition

The current Ford Expedition had been very old in front of your direct competition. In addition to his brother of the group, the Lincoln Navigator, had been renovated relatively recently and, therefore, his old age had become more pronounced. For this reason, Ford have decided to forward a little-the arrival to the market which is the fourth generation of this mastodóntico SUV.

In this new iteration of the model the element that will define its personality is called aluminum and thanks to him, the Expedition has managed to lose about 100 pounds of weight. True, it seems an excessive amount for this car but, even so, have been noticing so cute when you drive on roads more intricate. Another of the elements that on the mark have changed has been your passenger compartment, in which they have improved their modularity interior now incorporates seats from tilting and electrical regulation.

On an aesthetic level its design follows the canons marked by the recent launches of Ford. Still a car fairly square in their ways and with a front rather impressive. It is important to clarify that this car measures nothing more and nothing less than a 5.2 or meters, so that your coming to Europe is totally discarded. With such a tank, the mark in seeking to meet the needs of clients looking for space in spades and a modularity high.

safety equipment and the attendants of the driving will also give you a leap forward bestial. Among the main elements that may incorporate are vision cameras 360 degrees, assistant maintenance in the lane, adaptive cruise control with braking function active and even a system that enables a driving semi-autonomous.

If we’re the technological elements and comfort, the Expedition has also received a good string of them. The most important is the incorporation of a new multimedia system for passengers in all three rows of seats. It will feature up to six USB ports and connectivity for Apple devices, as well as for Android. Tops off this arsenal possibility to connect to the internet or even to charge the mobile by using induction.

range mechanics of the Ford Expedition consists of a single motorization, as it is obvious, of gasoline. Unlike its rival Chevrolet Tahoe (with mechanical V8) will only have a mechanical turbo EcoBoost V6 engine with 3.5 liters of displacement and 365 hp. This block will be connected to a gearbox of cut-automatic with 10 relationships that will be scheduled for hauling large weights.

To end it is to be mentioned that its arrival to the market american is scheduled for the third quarter of this year and by now, their price range has not yet been reported by Ford.

Source – Ford Motor Company