Ford renews its Super Duty range: more aluminum and masculinity than ever

Ford has just presented to the Super Duty new range, intended for towing heavy loads. It is a range aimed particularly at work, but also to individuals who want to tow a boat or machinery of any kind. It is currently one of the lines of pick-ups more dilapidated Ford, which already needed a generational change. Mainly because platform was barely changed in nearly two decades . They now have aluminum body, more technology than ever and three engines with lower displacement is 6.2 liters.

A pick-up more aggressive than ever Super Duty

The F-350 and F-450 can be equipped with a rear axle with double wheel, known as “dually”.

Aesthetically the Ford pick-up always gotten the upper hand in terms of presence. The grille of F-250, F-350 and F-450 Super Duty is devastating. It occupies the entire width of the car, with two giant chrome bars whose ends are transformed into the front lenses. A light signature LED similar to that of the F-150 full visual pack it is impossible not intimidated to see him appear in the mirror. The Ford logo is framed in the center of the grille, with a truly size XXL .

Structurally, these pick-up are built on a new chassis longitudinal and transverse , composed in their 95% high strength steel. This chassis is nothing less than 24 times stiffer that the chassis of the previous Super Duty, allowing towing capacity – as yet unspecified – much higher. On the chassis similar to that of the Ford F-150 cab is mounted, made of aluminum military specifications, which allows a weight saving of 150 kilos.

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Although it has been renovated in full, its engine range remains unchanged, only slightly evolves.

The chassis has been drilled in the necessary points for their owners to install another type of boxes or accessories. In many cases, the Super Duty are used as garbage trucks or construction vehicles. Their engines are the same as the outgoing generation: 6.2 V8 with 400 hp, 6.8 V10 similar power and superior torque and of course a 6.7 V8 PowerStroke turbo . Not specified its power, but diesel could exceed 400 hp and reach 1,000 Nm of torque.


Technologically speaking, they are more capable than ever machines. Besides the usual battery of advanced infotainment systems – SYNC 3 – the Ford Super Duty intended to help the driver to an extent never seen before in this segment. The pick-up is equipped with up to 7 cameras that should allow us to control the environment exceptionally , for example. The steering has a variable ratio and avoid excessively move the steering wheel to maneuver.

will also be available with all-wheel drive and luxurious versions.

has adaptive cruise control, warning or lane departure warning vehicle in neutral, as well as a pre-crash sensing system that are very close to a vehicle, activating a visual and audible alarm to act in accordingly. If we act not preload the brakes for stopping power is maximized. Nor have to check the pressures, an integrated pressure monitoring system is standard across the range. It will be launched late next year.

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Source: Ford
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