Ford says no to passenger cars in the US, but Lincoln will not give up

a few days Ago we announced that Ford Motor Company had decided that the portfolio of products from their signature main (own Ford) would cease the sale of cars in united States by 2020. In this way, from this moment, your range will be only composed by all paths and pick ups, giving as well to the tastes of the clients of their native country.

however, it seems that the american consortium will maintain the “sanity” and will continue to be marketed passenger cars, although it will be otherwise. As you well know, Lincoln is the signature premium Ford and as is tradition in the brand, the sedans are in the depths of your DNA. In this way, if it turns out well to the move, the consortium is responsible to cover a larger spectrum of the market, catering to the needs of the pubic and thus obtain substantial benefits.

According to a responsible of the own Lincoln, despite the fact that the sales of the MKZ and Continental have declined significantly in recent years, will continue to be maintained in the catalog of the brand. These statements confirm that the brand’s engineers are already working on their relay race of generations. The MKZ is planned for the year 2020 and the Continental should reach the market in the face of 2022.

however, both sedans are maintained to the sale, does not mean that Lincoln go to cease the sale of all roads. Today, the range of SUVs of the brand is composed by the MKC, MKX, MXT and Navigator, although in a matter of a year should be getting the new Aviator and Nautilus. In addition, the successor to the MKC has already been planned, so that the leaders of Ford have given the go-ahead to the engineers to work on him.

Will have to see how it affects the strategic move of the signature blue oval with the rest of the sector of the american car. So soon, the Group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has confirmed that it will intensify its offer of all roads in the american market and General Motors is doing the same with the GMC, and Chevrolet. In Europe, for now, we do not believe that this giro but today, the trend is not likely to go back.

Source – Lincoln

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