Ford shows us his vision of the city of tomorrow: electric cars and autonomous

Ford y la ciudad del futuro

the city of The future will be “invaded” by electric cars and self-employed.

These last days has spoken a lot about the city of the future. “A tomorrow” in which the driving will be taken to a new level that our vehicle will be able to take us to our destination without us having to interact with the steering wheel, pedals or gear lever. Is more, these elements could run a serious danger of extinction. During the past CES 2017, and, more recently, at the Detroit Auto show 2017 that started a few days ago, we have seen numerous manufacturers and technology companies anticipating how it will be the car of the future.

If we focus our sights on Ford, we realize that the mark of the blue oval is one of the companies most committed by driving autonomously. Is more, within their plans for the year 2020, it passes through the commercialization of its first autonomous vehicle hybrid for commercial use (shared-ride or on-demand). It will be manufactured at its plant in Flat Rock, and will hit the roads in 2021.

it Is well known the advances that have given Ford their prototypes of autonomous cars, however, on this occasion, the american manufacturer goes a step further and now shows us his vision of “the city of tomorrow”. Looking to solve the current problems of pollution and major traffic hold-ups that suffer from major cities, Ford is looking to implement solutions to these problems that many people suffer from it every day are a thing of the past.

Ford y la ciudad del futuro

The vehicles will be “connected” with the city to offer a better experience to the driver and passengers.

In a peculiar, at the same time interesting video, Ford reveals its vision of the cities of the future. The team “City Solutions” Ford has collaborated with numerous american cities in the development of a plan with which to solve the problems mentioned above and many others that we see now. The idea is to be able to go from point a To point B in the most efficient and ecological as possible.

a glance at the video accompanying this article, we realize that for Ford, a possible solution is the shared journey as well as the autonomous vehicles, electrical and connected with the city so that they can interact among themselves and have real-time information about the traffic status, parking available and other data is very important when making a car journey.

Roads “reconfigurable”, green areas that are gaining ground on the asphalt and cement as well as bike and drones able to optimize the traffic in the centre of large cities. What we have before us a very optimistic view? Without any doubt, what you imagine in Ford is something very different to what we see today in the great cities of the world.

the city of The future, according to Ford. Electric vehicles and autonomous ubiquitously “connected” with the big city.