Ford temporarily paralyzes production at four of its plants

Ford Escape/Kuga 2016Ford Motor Company is one of the largest manufacturers of cars in the world. However, the situation in some markets it is bittersweet. In Europe has had to reduce the production of some of its factories as Almussafes in Valencia. And now this situation seems to repeat in four of the most important production plants that have spread between the united States and Mexico.

This situation is derived from the fall in sales of some of their models most important. Therefore, the mark of the blue oval is adjusting the production of the affected models to their real demand. In this way the stock of their dealers american will not increase and will be able to maintain current prices. The measure affects not only Ford models, has also affected models of the signature of luxury Lincoln.

Lincoln-MKZAccording to an official statement of the brand the plants that will suffer stoppages will be the Hermosillo and Cuautitlan in Mexico. In them are manufactured the Ford Fusion (our Mondeo), the Lincoln MKZ and Fiesta american. In these plants the arrest will be made this week. If we jump to united States the plants affected by the stoppage will be the Louisville and Kansas City. In them are mounted to the SUV’s Escape, Lincoln MKC and the Ford F-150.

Ford has reported that the plant Kansas City only stopped its production for a week, however, the detention of the other three plants at the moment is indefinite. What the brand has not explained clearly what will happen with the workers that will be affected by this stop of the production. As we understand, the situation of workers of each plant will be treated independently, in order to adjust the production and the workers in function of the demand for their products.

so soon, and despite the fact that Ford has lowered the pace of its factory in Almussafes these shutdowns only affect models sold on the other side of the atlantic. We hope that it has not spread, and in Europe the thing is left as is.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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