Ford tested its autonomous vehicle in MCity


we have Already spoken of the great research that is being carried out in the University of Michigan with autonomous cars. The implication of this institution is such that even ventured in to build a model of a city-scale for testing with their prototypes.

last week Ford was invited to perform tests in MCity with their prototypes autonomous car, in this case it was a Mondeo Hybrid Autonomous the model that had the honor of driving by this construction adapted to this type of vehicle.

During the test, several of these models were circulating in their streets, stopping before the traffic lights, giving way to the other vehicles on the road, detecting pedestrians, and potential obstacles in the road, etc..

About the prototype you are working on Ford there is that comment that is equipped with the latest in technology and driver assistance, relying on camera front, radar and sensors ultra sounds and LiDar that are generating a map dynamic 3D on the environment which will interpret the vehicle.

The company has given priority in the field of autonomous vehicles for their development. Under the brand Ford Smart Mobility, the company has dedicated the past 10 years in moving forward with this new way of driving, which will inevitably be the only one in the next few years.