Ford Tourneo Courier 2018: new images of the impending facelift


Ford has reached out to the Alps with the all-new Ford Tourneo Courier 2018.

This is not the first time we see spy photos of the restyling that Ford of Europe is preparing for the Tourneo Courier, a facelift that should be presented early next year, and that, therefore, should be in dealerships europe before the end of that year. Probably during the second half of 2018.

On this occasion, our photographers have been able to capture this test unit to its passage by the Alps, an area that they choose to many manufacturers to to test their new models in environments of high height. In the same area and just a few days ago we could also see another specimen of the same brand, the Ford Focus Sedan, also very well camouflaged and doing the same type of evidence.

This unity of the Tourneo Courier seems to be something different to the previous unit hunted, our photographers were able to capture in a gas station in the north of Europe, however, the changes we’re going to find on all in the camouflage, as this new issue already has new elements, such as the optics, hence that we find the presence of a deep camouflage front.


The new events we’re going to find mainly in the front.

we Can see how the engineers of the brand have put a lot of emphasis in hiding the area in front of, leaving the rest of the vehicle uncovered. This is because almost all of the cosmetic changes we’re going to find in the front, while side and behind will remain unaffected. As is usual in the updates of this type of vehicle.

The optics will be slightly modified, as well as the front bumper and grill, however, we should not expect too many changes at a general level. If the facelift normal tourism is often limited to the main features of those elements that are most easy to modify as the panel of the bumper or the optical groups.

In terms of the chapter of the mechanics we can not say that kind of changes there will be, if any. The current model has 2 engines in its range, a block diesel 1.5-litre TDCi available in 75 or 95 horses and gasoline 1.0-liter EcoBoost 100 HP.