Ford Transit Custom PHEVS 2019: begin testing on the streets of London

a few weeks Ago Ford we detailed seven of the next hybrid and electric vehicles that will launch on the market of face to the year 2020. One
of these models that very soon we will see in dealerships Spanish
mark the blue oval will be the Ford
Transit Custom PHEVS
. The hybrid variant plug-in of the well-known vehicle
commercial Ford will make act of presence
in the year 2019
. However, and if you walk through the streets of London, as you
you can stumble with one of the 20 prototypes in the testing phase that has since
launched the american manufacturer.

Ford Transit Custom PHEV 2019

20 prototypes of Ford Transit Custom PHEVS 2019 already circulating on the streets of London.

According to the estimates of Ford, the different commercial vehicles that circulate on the roads of London performed 280.000 trips a week, which translates into something over 12 million kilometres. The vans represent 75% of the traffic destined to the loading of goods of the british city.

With all of these figures, the mark places special emphasis on the advantages and benefits that will have for the inhabitants of London the launch of the Transit Custom PHEVS. By offering the possibility of circular mode 100% electric, or hybrid, will help reduce emissions and improve air quality.

As we say, Ford has initiated the testing phase in terms of actual traffic in London with a fleet of 20 prototypes Transit Custom PHEVS. To do this, Ford is collaborating with the governmental institutions of London and focused on the administration and management of transport and traffic of the city. During this testing phase, the brand will use a telematics system to collect data on their behavior and thus be able to improve the functioning of the system for future production version.

Ford Transit Custom PHEV 2019

The Ford Transit Custom PHEVS is one of 13 electric and hybrid that the brand will launch of face to the year 2020.

Jim Farley, President and CEO, Ford of Europe, highlighted the opportunities offered by the launch of the hybrid variant plug-in for the brand:

“Ford is the brand of commercial vehicles, most sold in Europe. With the launch of the Transist Plug-in Hybrid will continue with the revolution of the electric vehicle leading the segment. The transition of the sector of cargo vehicles low emissions it is fundamental to “clean up the toxic air” of big cities such as London.”

What other electric and hybrid plans to launch Ford? In addition to the Ford Transit Custom PHEVS, in Europe we will see a SUV 100% electric with a range of almost 500 kilometres. It will hit dealerships in the year 2020. We will also see the launch of the first Ford Mustang hybrid of the story. We will closely follow the development of the Transit Custom PHEVS as well as the rest of the models “electrified” in which he is working Ford.