Ford unveils for us a video with more details of the GT

Ford GT

Ford GT is one of the best super cars that we’re going to have on our roads in many years. Their line, their numbers and the aura that surrounds him will become in a car very special. Such is the value that the brand of blue oval has put in him that since it was submitted and until the time of the first deliveries to their owners not left to reveal more data on this beast.

This model can only be enjoy 500 fortunate around the world, but to mitigate our sorrows the division Performance Ford has released a new video in that we can see him in action, plus show us some secret of their cabin. The main one is the display that serves to give life to a instrumentation completely digital that transforms depending on the type of driving program you have chosen.

The Ford GT has five modes different for driving and already from the most basic sample in your box of tools for digital a quantity of information more than remarkable. screen that is behind the steering wheel is of type TFT and has a size of 10 inches. In a first time the design and the spellings of the screen may appear very simple, but the functionality does not have to go at odds with the design since this car is to enjoy it in a circuit.

The five driving modes are Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, or V-Max and in function of that we have chosen the system will provide the information or another. If we choose Normal, the information provided covers all of the required parameters and none of them stands out before the eyes of the driver. On the other hand if we choose Sport mode the box changes to an orange hue, and shows us as the main information the speed that has engaged the gearbox.

V-Max the box changes its shape and color for resaltarnos the rate at which we are circulating. On the contrary, if it is the Track mode which is selected the information displayed is that of the regime that is turning the engine at those times.

This digital box will be one of the hallmarks of the Ford GT, but the brand has already confirmed that with the time will be extended to other models of your range.

Source – Ford Motor Company