Ford us a merry Christmas video with your Snowkhana 4

Ford Snowkhana 4Christmas Arrives and with it the traditional congratulations on the part of some automobile manufacturers. In the case of Ford, this is the fourth year that they carry out their video christmas, titled “Snowkhana“. The name makes reference to those famous scavenger hunts carried out by the pilot, Ken Block. In this delivery call Ho Ho Hokhana, repeats the formula of the previous.

With the method of stop-motion are joining images of the well-known Ford Fiesta scale of Mental Block making skids for different scenarios, and accompanied by toys are very popular. However, this year has a special guest. Santa Claus will also be present and brings a newness, because it will change your sleigh and his reindeer for a powerful Ford Focus RS.


As we can see, the Snowkana 4 is the first in incorporate real images in conjunction with the jacks of fantasy. And as always are grateful to see in movement to the Focus RS, which moves to perfection snow with Santa at the controls, and even flees from the police. On the other hand the Party in miniature is accompanied movie characters such as Toy Story, Frozen, a Minion and of course great references to the latest installment of Star Wars, newly released.

This final installment meets the purpose of the Snowkhanas earlier that is to congratulate the Christmas in a nice way. They have also taken the opportunity to show, once more, the Ford Focus RS that will begin marketing in early 2016. The powerful compact 350 horses and 440 Nm pair is also dedicated to him a full documentary, which showed up as had been his process of production.

Source – Ford

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