Ford wants to know if you caught a few extra pounds this summer, and your heart rate (and that’s just the beginning)

In the Apple keynote yesterday there was a clock functionality Cupertino that particularly surprised me. The Apple Watch will have an application that, in addition to monitoring the pulse of a mother can do the same with the baby’s heart rate that develops in your twenty, and you can even hear the beating. If a watch is able to do that, what could get a car? Good question. Develop cars that are concerned about our health is the next step forward from manufacturers. And what better proof than Ford’s latest patent a technology that will know your weight and heart rate at all times .

technology Ford would monitor our weight, and our heart rate to prevent serious diseases, or even a heart attack.

And why Ford wants to know our weight or our heart rate? These two parameters are only a small part of all the aspects that could monitor a car. What is really interesting is the use of that information. Ford Patent data include a provision of medical services, so that before a possible warning as a heart condition, could intervene immediately or even prevent a really serious problem (see patent).

our car is able to collect such detailed information about us can be worrisome , as had at Autoblog. It is. At least concerned about the use that can be made of this information. What really matters is that there is a very strict when it comes to managing information protocol.


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What it does guarantee is that our car, as these technologies advance, develop, and popularize, will become increasingly more like a doctor’s surgery . Maybe you can not diagnose diseases, or write prescriptions with a difficult calligraphy to understand (pardon the cliché), but provide very valuable information for health professionals to warn us of something bad happens in our body, which prevent suffer a heart attack while driving, or to encourage us when we go down in weight and rebuke us for having exceeded the holidays and have practiced too “ball chair”.

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