Ford wants to transform the wheel of your car in a unicycle motor like the Batman

how Many times, while sufrĂ­as in a traffic jam, have you not wished that your car could transform into a motorcycle to get to your appointment on time? The idea is not new, and you’re probably familiar with that famous scene of The Dark Knight in which Batman continued persecution transforming his Batmobile in an impressive Batmoto while struggling with the histrionic Jocker Heath Ledger. That idea seems to be that awakened the imagination of the creative, of Ford, to the point that some days ago they decided to register a patent in the united States that refers to exactly improvise the mounting of a unicycle motorized using one of the wheels of a Ford Focus, as can be seen in the sketch that illustrates this entry, and sets the own patent.

Imagine that you could dismantle a rear wheel of your Ford Focus, mount the frame of a motorcycle, and park your car to move around the city on a unicycle with a motor.

what is this idea of Ford? At any moment the driver could park his car in a parking lot, dismount the rear wheel of his Ford Focus, and connected to a frame of a motorcycle, motorized, with which he could navigate with greater comfort, parking himself near his destination, and faster than a car.

For the moment, this is only a vague idea and abstract, the definition of an invention’s funny, though with many doubts about its implementation. We think that this solution would require a system to extract the wheel of the car, and mount it on the frame of a motorcycle, with enough comfort and speed to achieve that is minimally practical. It would also have to take into account the installation of a motor, coupled to the wheel in the frame and a system to maintain stability on a single wheel.


Ford already has spoken to us of his philosophy of intermodal transport in which to arrive at our destination not only we will use our car, but also electric bikes, car-sharing, public transport…

The patent, whose application dates back to 2014, it still seems very far away from a practical application in the real life. Which should not blind us to imagine the territory explored by Ford in the last few years.

few months Ago, precisely, I spoke about the philosophy of the intermodal transport of Ford. And how Ford was designing bicycles, not only to complement its car business, but above all to imagine a future without cars, or in which the cars are used under standards of sustainability incomprehensible in these days, but necessary in the very near future.

Ford think, because a future in which the center of the cities will be banned to the conventional vehicles, and in which it is very likely the only alternative is to use public transportation, bicycles, or electric motorcycles. The idea of extracting the wheel of our car for a makeshift unicycle motorized is nothing more than a variation of the folding electric bikes presented this year by Ford, or his vision of the car sharing, not as a threat to the car industry, but as an opportunity.

Thanks to Mashable we knew this history, shared by the Youtuber Patent Yogi.

In the top video you can remember the mythical scene of The Dark Knight, and see how the idea of Ford was not so far from the fiction of the last trilogy of Batman.

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