Ford wants to transform their autonomous cars in cinema halls

Ford autónomo sala de cineThe autonomous car is advancing in leaps and bounds and manufacturers are still working on this line by developing new technologies. On the 1st of march Ford registered a patent very eye-catching and it had to do with this as we speak. Receives the name of “Autonomous Vehicle Entertainment System (entertainment system for the autonomous vehicle) and what you intend to do is convert the car a movie theater.

And how would you achieve this task? A screen of large dimensions comes from the roof and occupies the entire front of the vehicle, covering the entire windshield. In turn, a projector located between the seats down to project images on said screen. It should be noted that this action would be carried out while the vehicle is driven in stand-alone mode, which prevents that the driver is at the wheel.

Ford autónomo sala de cineAt any moment the rider might take over control of the car and the screen and the projector back to its starting place. The rest of the passengers could continue watching the content in the touch screen located in the center console and also in another small screen that occupies part of the rear view mirror. We still have the doubt of as hidden and deployed front seats to low when the cinema screen.

Although it may still arise uncertainty on this patent, the american manufacturer said that “patent applications are intended to to protect new ideas, but are not necessarily an indication of new business plans or product”. Other brands such as Volvo have also presented their proposals, although it is quite different to the Ford. In any case, it seems that the bet for the future is the autonomous car.

Source – Forbes