Ford wants your old cars to access the internet

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the Internet came to the world to revolutionize our lives and it has achieved a full. The new generations do not know how to live without being connected to their social networks and if you are left without a connection to them can suffer by believing that they are isolated from the society. So important has become the internet at this time, that young people do not feel the lowest an interest in purchasing a vehicle if it does not have a system of info-entertainment powerful.

The brands of cars are aware of this situation and as it is logical they don’t want their older cars left out of this wave of technology. Ford is one of the manufacturers that is working to keep in their cars in new systems of info-entertainment. However do not stop next to their older cars and for this has developed the system SmartLink, with which their drivers may be surfing the internet while they are driving.

Ford Mercury Fusion

To SmartLink to work should be installed into the OBD port II of vehicles of the brand and thanks to it passengers can have access to the internet (via Wifi for up to eight devices). Its operation is very simple as it features a module formed by a SIM card with the connects to the internet via 4G connection and LTE.

With this system the driver will be able to start to distance the car by using your smartphone, locate the vehicle if stolen or even know the mechanical condition of the same. Using this system, we may impose usage restrictions on the vehicle (for example, if the lending to a friend or our children) as well as ask for quotations in the workshop to perform the maintenance of the car.

The system has been developed between Ford, Verizon Telematics, and Delphi Automotive and vehicles from the Ford (and Lincoln) that can be mounted to this system are those manufactured between the years 2010 and 2016. Its price has not yet been reported, although it should not be very high to make that your popularity is high.

Source – Ford