Ford will cease the sale of the B-MAX in September without making a lot of noise

The automotive sector is experiencing a change of trend that these car manufacturers have not managed well. Makes scant six years, the cars that seemed they were going to succeed were the minivans dynamic cut and designs care. Under this premise are expanded the segment B with the Ford B-MAX, Fiat 500L or Citroen C3 Picasso. However, with the passage of time has seen that have been SUVs that have taken away their future.

Ford Motor made a big investment to launch to the market the B-MAX, natural substitute of the Fusion. This minivan city was settled on the effective platform of the Party. In addition, there were two differentiators over the competition: a doors-rear sliding doors with the B pillar integrated and a dynamic driving away from the associated with these products. However, he also had two points against, on the one hand had a range of mechanical power-limited (diesel especially) and a weight above the average.

With all the Ford B-MAX has never managed to be among the most sold of its category or market. The explosion of the SUV world has not allowed him to prove what a good product it was. Therefore, each year that it has gone through, the signing of the blue oval, has seen how their sales have fallen until you reach the minimum today. This situation, in addition, has been aggravated with the arrival of the EcoSport, the SUV B-segment that the american household marketed since a couple of years ago.

is Certain that the EcoSport has not been a sales success for Ford, but, of course, enrolling more units of this than of the first. For this reason, the product managers of the brand have decided to bring the market to the B-MAX in the coming month of September. In its place, what will be will be enhance the attractiveness of the EcoSport, with the intention that customers will not go to other competing brands.

To this end, it has carried out the the restyling that has changed the main weak points that had the EcoSport when he came to the market. In addition, since Ford are making strong investments to bring the plant in Craiova (Romania), where they assemble the EcoSport that will be sold in Europe and adjacent markets. October is the month designated in the calendar for to start the manufacturing of this model and it is therefore very likely that we will see the version of the EcoSport for our market at the iaa in Frankfurt.

A pity that the Ford B-MAX to disappear from the market without a substitute to the height, but the market is in charge and the public is sovereign.

Source – Ford

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