Ford will complicate things in Mexico by possible boycotts

Boicot a Ford

dirty war that has opened Donald Trump for the main companies in the sector of the car of the world will bring queue, that is for sure. Ford will be the first aggrieved with all this history and if the mexicans want it may lose a handful of sales in one of its main markets. We already know that the firm has cancelled the construction of its new plant in the country, and therefore the investment of $ 1,600 million will not come to the state in any way.

thousands of jobs (direct and indirect) that would create never take effect and the economy of the region will continue as it has until now. However it seems that the first cast in against of this decision are starting to wake up and have address to the signature blue oval. The political and figure of the party that governs the country, the PRI, Manlio Fabio Beltrones Rivera, has started a campaign against the u.s. firm.

Prueba Ford Focus ST

This member of the PRI has posted on their networks to image that opens this post. In it, clearly, are encouraged to mexican not to buy more Ford vehicles as the brand has given back as a country to manufacture their cars. The image, which has gone viral in a very short time in networks promotes “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” but it may cause a rift with the brand.

is Certain that Ford has reported that their plans in the country will not change, but the confidence that the client mexican I had in her has been broken and therefore they are hurting as a country. This entire situation may end very badly, because the cooperation between Mexico and the united States dates back to many years and the companies should not allow that the ideas of the rulers are not to influence their decisions strategic because the customer is the boss and this one yes that can make a company go under.

Source – Daily Process Mexico