Ford will have the next year a center, “all-weather” in Cologne

Ford All-weather

Before a car brand to launch a new model this has gone through a series of special testing. With these tests is set to the limit the different parameters that influence the car as the mechanical suspensions or air-conditioning systems. To carry out the brand has to have several prototypes in each of the scenarios where you want to put it to point.

This situation, to carry out these tests is very cost because you need a large number of prototypes, engineers and pilots. However new technologies help in a same place, we can to recreate different situations weather and therefore brands can test their cars in the same place without having to spend large amounts of money to move cars and people.

Ford is one of the brands that leads to their prototypes by half the world to put them to the test. In situations of a lot of height or with a lot of heat are studying how lack of oxygen affects their mechanical. If we go to areas that are wet can study how watertight is your car or how they behave items such as windshield wipers or lighting.

For these tests, they are more economical by the end of next year Ford will have in operation in its research and development center of Cologne, a new center for the simulation all weather. In it, the engineers will be able to simulate situations of extreme climates such as those found in the Sahara or the top of Mont Blanc. In addition, also can check simultaneously how it will affect their car for the abrupt climate changes.

This center of Ford has a useful surface area of 5,500 square metres. In its interior the engineers have two wind tunnels and four rooms for testing. In them the temperature, humidity and wind speed are controllable to fit the needs of the test. In addition, one of the rooms is suitable for testing simulation at high altitude.

With these variables under control Ford will be able to test the reliability of their cars with temperatures down to -40 ° C in the case of cold areas or +55 ºC in the case of warm zones. In addition, also be able to check how their cars behave with wind gusts of up to 250 kilometres an hour, or up to 95 per cent moisture.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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