Ford will hire people with autism to participate in their projects

Ford Almussafes

In the life the people we ought to have the same opportunities work and personal. However depending on the sector that we’re talking about, there is a certain type of people that are completely invisible. people who have a disability (disabled not, please) typically are forgotten and usually cannot gain access to the labour market for many and varied circumstances.

The automotive sector is not ageno to this casuistry, however there are always those who think the inclusion of these groups. Ford Motor Company has announced that will begin a pilot program along with the Alliance against Autism of the united States. With this program, they want people who have this disability could enter the labour market and participate in projects that Ford has in this country.

Ford Almussafes

This opportunity is very important both for Ford and for the people affected by this disease. Together they can unite their skills and improve their work processes and at the same time working in the multinational of the oval allows them to gain work experience. In this way, the u.s. firm reinforces its commitment with the society and returned to a little of what this brings you.

The pilot program begins with the creation of five new jobs in the area of product development where it is most comfortable will be to develop their skills. As the project progresses Ford will evaluate the competencies of participants and if they have the potential necessary will become part of the company through the process of recruitment standard.

According to Felicia Fields, Vice-president of Human Resources and Corporate Services of Ford, people with autism bring to the company skills and qualities which make it different and unique become very significant at the time of doing a good job.

From here we applaud these words for what it means for people with disabilities in the united States and around the world. Now we hope that the rest of the brands join and in place of five jobs to be created many thousands more. Congratulations Ford.

Source – Ford Motor Company