Ford will indemnify the mexican authorities to cancel its factory

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once cancelled the investment of $ 1,600 million Ford Engine was going to use for build the factory of Villa de Reyes, in the outskirts of San Luis Potosi (Mexico) tap adjust accounts with the stakeholders in local. Keep in mind that when the signature blue oval announced this investment many enterprises of components and parts for the car were strong spending to come to the area and to be able to supply components to the factory.

To compensate these companies, as well as to the mexican state, which favored the investment of the brand, is brewing a contingency plan in which Ford will address how to adjust their accounts with these companies. As reported by Joe Hinrichs, one of the principals of the firm in the united States, the plan would cover compensation both for the companies of components as for the town of Villa de Reyes.

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The first act to compensate for the withdrawal of the investment would come from the return of the land to the town mexican. The works gave way and in he ground, are seen the remains of the land moved by the machines as well as the gaps open for the footing. Once the land is returned, in a short time the firm will make public as soon as it is going to cost this step back in Mexico.

Joe Hinrichs wanted to clarify that despite the cancellation of this factory the commitments of the brand with Mexico and its workers still standing, and as this is shown by the manufacturing of the Ford Focus in the country. It has also clarified that taking the decision to build a factory in the country was a step well considered and his withdrawal has not been an issue trivial.

While the waters are calm, Ford will try that the mexican authorities remain confident in the firm in addition to the companies of components. Will have to see if in the future they will produce new investment or if, on the contrary Donald Trump to force the firm to remove more investments.

Source – Ford Motor Co