Ford will manufacture an SUV electric in Mexico

Ford has chosen the factory in Cuautitlan in Mexico for the construction of a SUV electric that will hit the market in 2020. The silver of Michigan is reserved for the manufacture of autonomous vehicles.

Ford is planning the launch of a crossover purely electric and although it was planned that the model was manufactured at the Michigan plant in the united States, apparently their production will be concentrated in the factory that the brand has in Cuautitlan, Mexico.

The change of direction is related to the bet of the Ford in the field of driving autonomous, since these technologies will be reserved for the u.s. power plant. In this way Ford will comply with the double purpose of to transform the plant in Flat Rock in a center of excellence, comparable to that of other automobile manufacturers and technology companies located in Silicon Valley, at the same time that will benefit from the low labor costs mexican.

In this way, the signing of the oval will produce its first electric crossover in Mexico, at the same time that concentrate the manufacture of its first autonomous vehicle in the factory of Michigan, a hybrid that will be marketed under a new name, which will hit the market in 2021.

Ford is designed to be your first autonomous vehicle with commercial purposes, since its use will be focused on the delivery of packages and the transport of passengers and will begin to test your driving technology autonomous in 2019.

Ford is fighting against the perception that lies behind its historical rival General Motors, although more than a perception it is nearly a reality, as Chevrolet announced the arrival of its first vehicle equipped with a driving system autonomous in 2019, two years ago that Ford.

anyway will have to wait, because in many cases, releases have just postergándose and even more so when at stake is a technology so complex as the systems of driving without driver interaction.