Ford will test its autonomous cars in Europe in 2017

Ford Fusion frontal

driving autonomous is the cornerstone on which they are working the big car manufacturers. It is his great bet for the future and therefore do not stop testing and test for your technology to be as tuned as possible for its launch to the public at large. Ford is one of the firms that are more is working in recent months for list your range of autonomous vehicles.

The signature blue oval, taking advantage of the public presentation of the new Ford Party confirmed that in a matter of a year will be testing its autonomous cars on roads of Europe and the United Kingdom. The idea that has the signature american is that their cars will adapt to the european roads, in order to adjust the technology to the rules of the road and signaling that we have in this part of the world.

Prototipo coche autónomo Ford Fusion

According to Thomas Lukaszewicz, manager of driving autonomous of Ford in Europe, the roads vary from one country to another and that is something you have to learn the autonomous cars. In addition, you also need to know the different traffic signals and road layouts. To finish it also makes a mention to the drivers that the the way of driving is not the same in all countries.

Ford has been marked as a goal to have the technology list for the year 2021. To carry out these tests the manufacturer is studying the morphology of our roads in its Research and Innovation center Palo Alto (united States) in order to integrate it into the maps that take their cars. The models that will use will be a fleet of 30 Ford Fusion (Mondeo in europe) that’s the same that you are using in the united States.

The center will coordinate the tests in floor Uk will be the basis of engineering that have Essex. In addition, this center will be in communication with the centers of I+D+i that the brand has in the Colony, and Aquisgran (Germany) to organize the tests that are carried out in the soil of continental.

Source – Ford Motor Company