Ford would be thinking of a Focus RS more lightweight and radical

Ford Focus RS 2016 potenciaFord Performance division sports the mark of the oval, you might be thinking of a limited edition Ford Focus RS. This new sport would follow a concept even more radical than the current and would improve their performance. With this model, the american manufacturer would have the compact faster, capable of dethroning other rivals such as the Audi RS3 or the newly renovated Mercedes A45 AMG.

To achieve such an increase in their benefits, this limited edition would be lighter that the current. It would save about 100 kg thanks to the use of plático reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP), polycarbonate instead of glass, brakes, carbon fiber, suspension of aluminum in addition to a cabin which would eliminate some elements and would have less insulation.

Ford Focus RS 500

Ford Focus RS500

The other main point to improve would be the transmission. Would a electric front differential limited slip and change the gearbox six-speed manual that mounts the current by a automatic dual clutch specially adapted. The engine it is possible that they remain intact, as Ford claims to have taken out their full potential in the 2.3 Ecoboost four-cylinder.

350 horses and 440 Nm pair that has the current Focus RS is not bad. In the limited edition and with the other improvements you could get an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in about 4 or seconds. A great advance taking into account the 4.7 seconds of the current and, for example, the 4.2 seconds of the A45 AMG.

Still there is nothing confirmed and will have to wait to see if Ford gives the green light to this project. In case that this is so, it is expected that its price is above the £ 40,000 (about 56.500 euros)to Remember that the last limited edition that we could see this model was the striking Focus RS500, taking as base the previous generation of the compact and only reached 500 units with a striking painting in matte black.

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