Forget about the Play, what you want is for this simulator 130,000 euros

Simulador F1 realista FMCG InternationalIf you have not yet written or you got it by writing the letter to the Magi, to. But for truth, I have a great idea for you. Erase everything and write only this: simulator F1 realistic FMCG International. Yes, I hope the Kings this year have been good at their business, because it costs a whopping 90,000 pounds, almost 130.000 euros to change.

FMCG International is a company that is dedicated to creating simulators and now presents us with his latest product, a F1 simulator, with three screens, high-performance computer and a Formula 1 car on a real life scale. Yes, you see by removing the bedside table for coffee and chairs, make space to this replica realistic that you will not be able to drive more than virtually.

Simulador F1 realista FMCG InternationalIs based on the F1 cars, but not only in their aesthetics. Use a few methods of production similar where there is a lack of carbon fiber. It has all the elements required, such as the ailerons, the suspension or the gearbox to the view. You have until tires and rims! What we lack is the engine.

In its place there is a high-performance computer Intel Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM, disk is SSD or a graphics card of high performance. All this allows us to display our game in three screens of 23 inches, placed in such a way that mimic a peripheral vision. The steering wheel has all the controls to mimic a F1.

Simulador F1 realista FMCG InternationalThe experience with this simulator F1 FMCG International arrives to the point in that to be placed in the car it is necessary to remove the steering wheel, as in a F1 of truth. What’s wrong? does not have hydraulic that simulate the movements of the car, a pity because the manufacturer has worked a perfect suspension of F1 with elements in carbon.

But what good that would look in your living room or in your garage does not have a price. Well yes, a price that rona 130,000 euros to change. you Can customize this and thus have an exposure to the time a simulator in any room in your home. You already know, this year maybe wait for the three Kings to help them climb this to your home.