Forget the mirrors conventional with this BMW i8 Mirrorless

BMW i8 mirrorless CES Las Vegas 2016 is riddled with innovations to the automotive world. Each time more. BMW is one of the brands most present in this edition with several new features such as this BMW i8 without mirrors. So this does not seem a novelty, but it is that there is to know about their secrets for sorting out some virtues that is sure to lead you to the manufacturer to incorporate it into their next series cars.

is Not a revolutionary idea, both in terms we have already seen applied to numerous prototypes, not necessarily recent. BMW has replaced the mirrors of the i8 for a few supports smaller that integrate a high definition camera in each one. These cameras allow you to visualize what happens to the side of the car, but it has also placed a third camera of small size in the top of the rear glass.

BMW i8 mirrorlessThis set of cameras allows you to create, almost to panorama mode, a composition of what happens in the back of our vehicle. Also the sides. This result can be visualized in a large screen located in the place that I would go the rear view mirror. There are No dead corners, you see the whole picture at a glance and, in addition, says BMW, which prevents reflections of other cars. As for example the light flash of a car that follow us.

The solution also includes the angle sensors dead projected a notice both in the supports of the mirrors as in the display itself. In any case, the idea of using cameras allows for a wide-angle lens that expands the field of vision reducing naturally the dreaded dead angle. The driver also will have a glance on all the picture for situations that need it, like for example overtaking or parking. The passenger also benefits from the system, and, says BMW, the lenses with crystal Gorilla Glass 2 are resistant and repel dirt.

BMW i8 mirrorlessAmong the advantages that least affect the driver directly is a aerodynamics that can be better worked do not have some appendices to priori useless in terms of efficiency. However, although attributable to the own forms of the i8, the brackets for the new cameras that replace rear-view mirrors are still large and likely to receive blows. This may be translated, as happened with the integration of the intermittent workers engaged in the same, in for a repair to be much higher.

For the moment BMW does not advertise that go to production, but gives us an insight of one of their future technologies at CES in Las Vegas in one of their strongholds in technology. In the same way that the i8 has been a pioneer in other technologies, such as the use of headlights laser, it very well could be the first model in offer it as an option in the coming months or years.

Source – BMW

BMW i8 mirrorless
BMW i8 mirrorless
BMW i8 mirrorless
BMW i8 mirrorless

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