¿Forgetfulness or confusion? An automatic car falls overboard National Police in Barcelona

Last Tuesday car National Police rushed to the water in the port of Barcelona . It was a Citroen C4 Picasso piloted manual gearbox belonging to the group dedicated to border surveillance. Fortunately, the car was stranded on the breakwater, and barely submerged (source images). There has not been that no injuries of any kind, although there will be some agent dropped the anger of the year. A spokesman for the National Police speaks of automatic changes and confusion . What really happened?

Rather than confuse brake and accelerator, there will have been a problem with the selector lever.

What seems to have happened is that agents on routine patrol heading toward the end of a jetty, where they would have turned around. Apparently mistook the leading accelerator and brake the car launched into the water . A crane rescued the car, but I imagine it must have suffered considerable damage to the underside. Anyway, it seems a weak argument: although we are not used to driving automatic cars – as speech source driver of the car – a common error is to confuse with clutch brake, not the accelerator


c4-policia-al-agua-1 In Forum Police have spoken at length of the accident. Many suggest that may have selected the wrong agent march . Since the automatic transmission selector of C4 Picasso is quite “pejiguero” if instead of selecting reverse gear selected forward gear , the result is understandable. However, there is still a human factor, but to err is human. And of course, it is excusable to confuse the two pedals position that any driver is 100% automated.

The original source of the story also mentions that the cars were fairly new, although from the same forum it suggests that your lease term is about to end, replaced by Picasso next generation also equipped with change automatic. Anyway, that there has been no injuries , and I’m sure someone will have learned a lesson. Since motor we offer a number of tips for driving an automatic car if you are not used to it, do not miss them.

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