Formula 1: Abu Dhabi, last “test” weekend for McLaren


Photo: McLaren

Comes the time of the season that the McLaren drivers were waiting, the end. The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will put an end to a complicated year for the team from Woking, who has been collecting problems race after race without a stop repeating message: they are collecting valuable data for 2016, in a kind of pre-season that has lasted 19 great prizes. So, the test in the Yas Marina will have the same goal, to make a new “test” for the next championship. Tuesday 1 December there is a day of testing Pirelli twelve hours on this same circuit, but this weekend will be the last test of three-day duration. Fight until the end, collecting data, and focus in the winter are the three goals of Alonso and Button. And, why not, score.

Fernando Alonso:

The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi represents many things to us: the end of a difficult season and with a significant learning curve; the opportunity to collect the greatest amount of information possible and continue our learning; and the start of the winter season, where we are all focused on working very hard in the package in the next year to see more progress and the results of our efforts along this course. We will be pushing hard to finish the year with a positive note. The whole team knows the work we do during the winter, and there is a great commitment because we all want to begin to see the results. Each session of this weekend will be an opportunity to learn more and develop the car of 2016, so, as always, we will keep fighting as hard as we can until the end.

Jenson Button:

that Is the end of a long and difficult year for the entire team. Although we have had some weekends that were complicated in the last few races, the mood is still very upbeat, and everyone is already working hard for next year. It is the nature of our team going out to battle each weekend, and in Abu Dhabi will be exactly the same. If we are able to score, it will definitely be a boost to end the season and reward all the efforts of each member of the team. Is already in our heads the development during the winter, so anything we can pull out of this weekend help us to start the next chapter with even more energy. Our motivation is stronger than ever.