Formula 1: Alonso: “Only McLaren can beat in the future to Mercedes”


Photo: McLaren

Fernando Alonso attended to the media at an event with one of the sponsors of the team McLaren in the Gran Premio de Mexico. The spaniard reiterated his faith in his current team, perhaps up to a point that had not yet shown. So, Alonso believes that there is only one team capable of dethroning Mercedes, and it’s yours: “We are faced with a new project, with far, far future. Despite the absence of results in 2015, McLaren-Honda is the only team that can beat Mercedes in the future, no one will be able to do in the short term”, stated in words gathered by the string Cope. The double champion, who has won everything in Formula 1, believes that he lacked a challenge as well: “to Start a project from nothing to win races”.

The current championship is still very negative for McLaren-Honda, but Alonso believes that you have used the season to learn for the future, and for this trust to have a great 2016: “We will be very competitive. We have learned many lessons this year, some painful, and it has been a very difficult year. But we have remained united, with the ideas and the very clear objective, without falling into the panic or the chaos when you were occupying the last positions. All I see in the team for the next academic year is very logical, very consistent, I think we’re going to be very fast”, said before the start of the penultimate grand prix of a year full of nightmares: “Always expect more, and this is not good for anyone to be out in Q1, and always leaving you behind“.

In an interview with the FOX, Alonso compared to his team with a wild animal about to be released: “We are like a lion in a cage, and next year we’re going to go everywhere”. Thus, the Spanish will be looking forward to the start 2016, since it expects nothing from the three races remaining (including this weekend): “I don’t expect miracles. It is difficult to find motivation, not just for ourselves, but for all. It will serve to prove things for the next year, and the pilots to risk a little more and give a great show. Surely also wants to surpass his teammate, who currently occupy a higher position than him in the standings, with 16 points against the 11 that accumulates the champion of 2005 and 2006.