Formula 1: Christian Horner: “Rosberg has everything to lose”


In the final battle for the World that will get rid Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, the German arrives on this occasion with a benefit which relieves you of the pressure to win and wait for the result of his rival. 12 points of margin assume that, even in the case of finishing third, it would be champion even if Hamilton would take the win.

however, the pressure at the time to play with that margin may be a point against it, especially if they come in the game ‘judges’ outside. And Red Bull has all chances to be the judge, or so says Christian Horner. The team leader of the team in the austrian believes that the work of Rosberg not only is it not simple, if not that is more complex than that of three-time british, by the pressure which entails the possibility of losing the title, and points to a potential mechanical problem.

To prop up his theory, Horner recalls the final race of 2010, in which Fernando Alonso lost the title despite having a margin of 15 points ahead of Sebastian Vettel, after the strategic error that was to pre-empt a possible undercut of Mark Webber, pushing the spaniard in the table.

Nico has everything to lose, of course. It seems that a top 3 is a given for a Mercedes driver, but we are at the end of the useful life of the engines and the gearboxes. Probably going to look through their rear-view mirrors more than anyone else. It plays everything. The work of Lewis is more easy, because Nico has the pressure to finish the championship. What we saw with Fernando Alonso a few years ago. Sebastian had nothing to lose, went for it and won the race. Ferrari saw Webber as a major threat for the championship, and they chose to cover the pilot wrong”.

“we Could be the best friends of Hamilton”

despite not being involved in the title fight, Red Bull does not think to relax before this last appointment of the season, and will look to get a great result. In that sense, Horner recognizes that Lewis Hamilton would be the most interested in search for a career matched in the head for trying that Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen finish ahead of Nico Rosberg.

“I’ll tell my pilots to “go for it”, because it is not our battle. We are there to get the best result possible. we Could be best friends with Lewis Hamilton on Sunday if we get that our cars are ahead of Nico. They are going to be focused on their own battle, there is no reason for Lewis to win the race with half a turn of advantage. If you are in head and is ready, may attempt to gather the cars behind so that there’s more competition, because it is the only way that the outcome go in your favor. It’s going to be fascinating”.